We will...

  • Confirm the value of the assets and debts of the estate.
  • Apply for the Grant of Probate.
  • Produce the Grant of Probate to banks, building societies, insurance companies and other institutions and selling assets to be sold.
  • Pay debts, taxes and other liabilities.
  • Pay out the estate according to the Will or under the Intestacy rules.
  • Provide estate accounts and tax returns.
  • Tax returns covering the period after the date of death will also be the responsibility of the executors.

We can...

  • Assist with any Income Tax and Capital gains tax
  • Advise on any Claims under the
    Inheritance (Provision for Family and
    Dependants) Act 1975.
  • Provide Conveyancing services and transfer property.
  • Identify possible Variations of the distribution of the estate to either minimise the impact of any taxes or reflect the wishes of the deceased or to compromise any possible claim against the estate under The Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975.

A Full Handling Service

With our flagship service, our trusted Solicitors will handle the entire estate meaning peace of mind that all of the legal requirements will be undertaken and that the administration will be dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

We shall handle all the following steps on the basis of the information you provide:-

Establish the value of the estate taking into account all liabilities outstanding at the date of death and obtaining professional valuations where necessary.

Notify all beneficiaries of their entitlements.

Prepare the application for a Grant of Representation.

Provide each personal representative and the residuary beneficiaries (where there is a validly executed will) and the statutory beneficiaries (where there is no will) a copy of the Schedule of Assets and Liabilities, which confirms full details of the value of the estate.

Liaise with the Probate Registry to secure the issue of the Grant of Representation, submitting further documents that the Probate Registry may require.

On receipt of the Grant of Representation, register the same with all financial institutions sell, realise and/or transfer any asset. Collect and pay in the firm’s client account all estate funds.  This will enable us to prepare estate accounts, which will show all assets of the estate and the payment of all bills and legacies. Make payment of all legacies and entitlements.

[For a fixed fee of 2/1.5% of the net estate value* let our specialist solicitors take care of the legalities whilst you focus on your loss.]

As we are solicitors and not "probate handlers" we can also advise you and undertake any additional assistance that may be particular to your matter meaning you wont be dealing with several separate firms all charging you different prices.

From... £ 1000 excluding VAT & Disbursements